let’s hibernate

img_0800-e1518125176257.jpgThis week  S U C K E D. I mean, the past 6-7 days have been an absolute write off. For one, I’m completely over this extremely dry & cold winter we’ve been having (temps dipping to -40 degrees Celsius every other week) but this week has been EXTRA TERRIBLE. It has been a week of taking off dirty pjs to shower and put on clean ones.

My poor little girl came down with a bug and spent an entire night heaving into a bucket. She was sick for 2 days then started to come around just in time for it to hit me. Today is day 4 and I’ve been awake with a headache since 5am. Her daddy is working which means I’m on my own. I’ve taken more Advil in the past week then I have in the past year. It’s truly awful and I wouldn’t wish it on the devil himself. It’s definitely leaving my system though (THANK GOD) and hopefully I’ll wake up tomorrow with a bit more energy.

I did manage to make it to therapy this week before the plague hit our home. Some suggestions from my therapist;

  • Let yourself have one thing you’re craving/an off limit food/a treat per day. Just one serving (palm size or smaller). Of course my mind screams NOOO on this one. But I’m trying to eat a low carb keto-ish diet?? but I won’t lose weight?? I totally understand the concept, that it could keep me from binging/falling off my “diet” & losing control, but my concern is that of course i’m not only trying to sustain from overeating, i’m also trying to lose weight
  • Journaling; log my food intake every day so i’m more aware more conscience of everything i’m putting in my mouth. (maybe if I have to write it down i’ll be less likely to overeat??) and also keep this journal next to my bed. I’ve battled with insomnia my entire life, it comes & goes. Since I have been struggling more with it lately she recommends writing down whatever is keeping me from falling asleep. I would write down these racing thoughts that keep me up rather then stirring on them.

I did go out and buy a journal. I have no idea if it’s helping or not but it’s worth a shot. It got put on the back burner (along with everything else in life) the last few days while battling this stomach bug but I plan to start logging again tomorrow.

I’m curious what those of you who have battled with overeating/yo-yo dieting think  about the “once a day” technique she’s recommended. If you’re one of the lucky ones who lost weight, kept it off, and figured it all out, what worked for you in the beginning? Could this help me or sabotage me even more?

Hoping I hear from the dietician I was referred to this week. Fingers crossed.





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